Information about Farm-r

How it works

1. List your unused machinery

You can rent out your machinery to other farmers, with or without you operating it, as well as any contracting services you offer. Just click ‘Post a new listing’. Now you can earn extra revenue from under-utilised assets! Just click 'Post a listing'.

2. Browse & rent something awesome

Search locally first and see what other farmers have to offer. You could save money renting instead of buying or try something new entirely. Just click 'Request to rent'.

3. Farm more profitably

By only paying for the use of assets when you actually need to use them, you will achieve higher capital efficiency on your farm. Extra revenue earned from machinery that you already own will go straight on the bottom line. You will be paid instantly and securely via Paypal.

Farm-r® is free to list, free to rent from and we only take a 10% commission when you are paid using the Paypal facility.

For your piece of mind
1. In the listing, state amount you require your machine to be  insured for.
2. State if you require a security deposit.
3. When the machine is collected, both parties complete and sign the template hire agreement.
4. Renter to give owner the security deposit at time of collection.
5. Renter to give owner a copy of their insurance document at the time of collection.

Machinery owners:

  • Click 'Post a new listing' - You list an item permanently and receive rental requests from other users throughout the year. You only accept a rental request if both the date and the renter are suitable.
  • Make a detailed listing with high quality pictures, this will help to attract renters. 
  • State whether you require a security deposit
  • You're covered when it comes to insurance, just state on the listing the amount you require your machine to be insured for and when the renter collects the machine they will have a copy of their insurance document for you to check over and keep.
  • Please don't state your telephone or email contact details in the listing, all communication should happen over the internal messaging system. 
  • Now share it by clicking the Twitter and Facebook buttons in the listing - this will let other farmers know what you are offering.
  • You will receive rental requests via email and you can decide whether or not your machine is available; check your diary, look at the renter's profile and read their user reviews, you can message them as much as you like. 
  • If you are happy with both the date and the user you can accept the rental by clicking the button in your email, this will trigger payment. Payment is instant and secure using Paypal.
  • If the date is not suitable, message the renter, using the internal messaging system, and agree an alternative date. 

When the machine is being collected:

  • Print out the template hire agreement, this is for both the owner and renter to complete and sign, it includes an 'Equipment condition checklist' where you can both identify any imperfections or damage on the machine before the rental commences.
  • At this point the renter must give you a copy of their insurance document for you check over and keep. FARM-R DOES NOT PROVIDE ANY INSURANCE.
  • If you require a security deposit, the renter will give you that amount.
  • Both parties can review each other once the hire is complete to show other users how awesome you are to deal with.

Machinery renters:

  • Enter your location into the search bar.
  • In 'listing types' select 'Machine only' or 'With an operator'.
  • Select the appropriate category.
  • Select how you would like to view the listings - in a grid, in a list (in order of distance from your location) or on a map.
  • To rent a machine select the dates you would like to rent the machine, or the number of hours or Ha you need etc then click 'Request to rent'.

Payment process

  • You then select your payment method (Paypal, credit or debit card) and authorise the payment by clicking 'Pay Now'. No payment is taken until the owner accepts the rental.
  • The owner will receive a message stating that your payment has been authorised, your desired hire period or amount. The owner can view your profile and reviews and message you to help them come to a decision. If they accept the rental request, the payment is processed. The owner has three days to respond to a rental request, after which time the request and payment authorisation is cancelled an no payment is taken.
  • It is important that payment is made before the rental period in order to state your commitment to the owner and instil trust.

Transaction Charges

  • Paypal standard charges are between 3.4% and 5% + 20p per transaction and will be deducted from the owner's revenue.
  • Farm-r® will deduct 10% from the owner's revenue. 

When the machine is being collected:

  • Print out the template hire agreement, this is for both the owner and renter to complete and sign, it includes an 'Equipment condition checklist' where you can both identify any imperfections or damage on the machine before the rental commences.
  • At this point the you must give the owner a copy of your insurance document for them to check over and keep. FARM-R® DOES NOT PROVIDE ANY INSURANCE.
  • If a security deposit is required by the owner, you will need to give them that amount.
  • Once a rental is complete, you need to 'mark as complete' in Farm-r®, you will then be given the opportunity to give feedback about the other party. It's a good idea to do this as it will be shown as a review on their profile. The owner will also give feedback on you, this allows the whole community to see how good you both are to deal with and will bring in more business!


Farm-r® does not provide any insurance, it is wholly the responsibility of the renter to make sure they have adequate insurance cover for the machine they rent. At the point of collection the renter must give the owner a copy of their insurance. The owner should only release the machine once they are satisfied that the insurance in place is adequate and appropriate.

Each listing has the ability to state the 'amount to be insured for' along with the make, model and serial number. If the necessary information is not listed here, use the messaging system to clarify.

Please contact if you would like to attach insurance documents to your profile.